Choose your kind of training

At Motorikpark™ Lærdal you can choose your best kind of exercices, sports and fun.

With a personal trainer - in groups or individually, in courses or seminars or even in a training camp.

Personal Trainer (PT)

Try personal training to get started with a workout and boost your motivation!


A personal trainer (PT) customizes a training session based on you and your goals. Either you are a top athlete or a beginner, have pains and ills, need a diet plan or need to learn more about connection between physical activity and health, a PT can help you!


In your first session with a PT, she will discuss with you about your fitness goals and background, physical health and diet.

You choose how many sessions you wish to purchase, but sessions over a longer period will give you the best results. We sell 1, 5 and 10 ticket cards.

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Group exercise

Choose our popular small group trainings.
It is social and motivating to exercise with other people. A group of 3 to 6 people, together with a PT, sets a common goal for sessions and makes a plan how to reach this goal.

Examples of goals: improve certain skills or just to start exercising regurarly!


Contact us if you have a group of friends who would like to try this! We also start groups based on interests.


We sell 1, 5 and 10 ticket cards.

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Courses & seminars

We arrange sports courses and lectures within different topics, for example cycling, jogging and skiing technique.


We also organize seminars about motivation, teamwork, diet and other lifestyle issues.

We hire skilled, famous speakers, for instance Atle Kvålsvoll, Otto Ulseth, Frode Estil and Johan Kaggestad.


We have meeting facilities for courses, seminars and meetings.

We arrange birthday parties, corporative events, kick offs etc and other events.

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Training camps Motorikpark™

Lærdal is an ideal area for training camps and has hosted events for sports like biking, running, triathlon, football and handball. In our new Motorikkpark you can do basic training right outside your apartment door! Lærdal and the surrounding area is an ideal area to all kind of sports. Since the valley is flat, and have roads leading up to the mountains, it provides opportunities for both speed and tempo training. The route along the fjord is nearly traffic-free.


Many known professional riders like George Hincapie, Thor Hushovd, Kurt Asle Arvesen, Glenn Magnusson, Jan Boven etc. have participated championships or/ and training camps in Lærdal.

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