Training camps Motorikpark™

Lærdal is an ideal area for training camps and has hosted events for sports like biking, running, triathlon, football and handball. In our new Motorikkpark you can do basic training right outside your apartment door! Lærdal and the surrounding area is an ideal area to all kind of sports. Since the valley is flat, and have roads leading up to the mountains, it provides opportunities for both speed and tempo training. The route along the fjord is nearly traffic-free.


Many known professional riders like George Hincapie, Thor Hushovd, Kurt Asle Arvesen, Glenn Magnusson, Jan Boven etc. have participated championships or/ and training camps in Lærdal.


Jorrit Bergsma, currently one of the best Dutch speed skaters, participated and won stages in 2007.


We are happy to help you with organizing, and contribute as sponsors, if you have an event or training camp you wish to arrange.


For more information and for booking, take contact:
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Mobile phone: 96 22 51 11