Sports, games & fun at Motorikpark™ Lærdal

Enjoy your time and all modules in our Motorikpark™ Lærdal.


Come and use our exercise stations for balance and strength training, different walking and climbing.

On paved path one can drive pedal go-karts, cycle, run, roller skate and roller ski.

Balance training

Improve your balance in Motorikpark™ Lærdal and have fun. Balance training is important for everyone and  makes your everyday life easier. It will prevent tumbles as well as injuries that occur for example in sports.

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Different walking

Play and improve your coordination! Unusual movements in various surfaces with different kinds of platforms, as well as standing, walking, running or jumping, give us endless possibilities to challenge coordination and to vary the exercises.

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Pedal gokart

Have fun with pedal go-karts in Motorikpark™ Lærdal! Action and exercise for everyone.

On a paved multisport path of 260 meters one can drive pedal go-karts, cycle, run, roller skate and roller ski.

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In addition to the go-karts, cycle, run, roller skate and roller ski paved path, we have a jogging track around the strength training pavillion as well as a great jogging track on the riverfront along the Lærdalselvi.

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Climbing for all levels

In Motorikpark™ Lærdal you can climb, slide, swing, spin and hang.

Just have fun and get moved!

Many different climbing walls and frames challenge your coordination, endurance and strength.

Natural climbing area & iceclimbing

Strength training

Make strength training fun and varied! It has many benefits. With increased strength you will function better in every day life.

Besides that, strong muscles and joints can prevent diseases and injuries.

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