Pedal gokart

Have fun with pedal go-karts in Motorikpark™ Lærdal! Action and exercise for everyone.

On a paved multisport path of 260 meters one can drive pedal go-karts, cycle, run, roller skate and roller ski.


Let`s play and exercise with pedal go-karts! There are many different types of BERG pedal go-karts in Motorikpark™ - you will for sure find one to fit you! After paying the ticket to Motorikpark™ you can drive the pedal go-karts in multisportbana.




Pedal go-karts are for everyone: from 2+ years old children who need to learn the principles of cycling to older kids and adults who prefer racing cars for action and high speed. The biggest go-karts fit for adults since the maximum weightlimit of driver is 100 kg. Almoust every go-kart has as well adjustable seats and some go-karts have a passenger seat.


We also rent and sell all types of go-karts!


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